Home physiotherapy: the benefits for older adults




Currently, gaps exist in the continuum of care for patients requiring rehabilitation services in the community. Home-based physiotherapy services address this need by providing evaluations and treatments to people within their homes and communities to help support independent living and enhance quality of life. Home-based physiotherapy has been shown to have many benefits including the following:

1) Enhanced Quality of life

Home-based physiotherapy has been shown to improve both the physical well being of clients and social functioning. Home-based exercise programs can improve one's strength and endurance allowing for increased ease with performance of activities of daily living. Furthermore, home physiotherapy reduces the number of nursing home admissions by maintaining one's ability to live independently.

2) Reduced fall risk

Home-based physiotherapy lowers fall-related mortality rates and the number of falls in older adults. Implementation of a home-based exercise program targeting strength and balance decreases the rate and risk of falls in older adults. Also, it allows for a physiotherapist to assess the layout of one's environment and how they move within it. Then recommendations can be provided to reduce fall hazards within the environment. 

3) Reduced hospitalizations

Home physiotherapy improves the well-being of clients due to the fact it ensures routine monitoring of isolated clients. This continuity of care reduces the rates of re-hospitalization and can also ease the transition from hospital to home. Furthermore, physiotherapy can help improve strength, endurance and promote self-management strategies for individuals with chronic diseases leading to fewer exacerbations requiring hospitalization.

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