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Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological disorders affect the body's nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. When communication of signals between your brain and other body parts is disrupted symptoms like weak muscles, uncoordinated movements and sensation changes occur. Physiotherapy helps kick-start the message pathways your brain is struggling to use and can create new pathways with repetitive movements.

Physiotherapy can help by

  • Performing a detailed assessment of your strength, balance and mobility to identify your areas of weakness

  • Evaluating your environment and providing recommendations for adaptive equipment and devices

  • Performing regular follow up treatments consisting of repetitive exercises and tasks to improve motor function and reinforce new patterns

  • Designing an individualized exercise program to increase your strength, endurance and balance

  • Performing balance and gait training to reduce your risk for falls and improve balance reactions

  • Teaching you or your loved ones how to perform safe transfer techniques 

Conditions Treated

Spinal cord injury

Peripheral nerve injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury

Multiple Sclerosis


Parkinson's Disease