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Cardiac & Lung Disease

Chronic lung disease and cardiac conditions have become prevalent in our aging population and represent one of the leading causes of hospitalization. Exercise prescription, physical activity, and lifestyle modifications are essential components of managing cardiorespiratory conditions. Physiotherapy can help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Physiotherapy can help by

  • Educating you on energy conservation techniques to minimize symptoms of fatigue and shortness of breath

  • Providing you with the resources to make lifestyle changes necessary to achieve your optimal recovery and reduce exacerbations

  • Develop a progressive exercise program to increase your muscular strength and cardiorespiratory capacity

  • Providing a forum where exercise training can be performed under expert supervision so you can resume physical activity with confidence and guidance

Conditions treated


Post cardiac surgery

Post heart attack

Pulmonary fibrosis


Respiratory infections


Peripheral vascular disease

Congestive heart failure