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Post-Hospitalization Syndrome

During periods of prolonged hospitalization your physical condition can deteriorate impacting your quality of life. Prolonged bedrest can cause muscle loss, balance deficits and decreased cardiovascular capacity.  Physiotherapy can play an integral role in getting you back in shape. 

Physiotherapy can help by

  • Evaluating your general condition and identifying areas where your need improvement

  • Designing an individualized exercise program to increase your strength, endurance and balance

  • Teaching you, or your loved ones, how to perform safe transfer techniques

  • Evaluating your environment and providing recommendations for adaptive equipment and devices

  • Provide manual treatments and therapeutic modalities according to your needs

  • Communicating with your support network (physician, nurses, etc.) to optimize your care plan

  • Enhancing your quality of life by increasing your strength, endurance, and educating you on techniques to increase your safety