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Orthopedic Surgery

Physiotherapy is a crucial step following orthopedic surgeries in order to optimize your recovery and maximize the results of your surgery. treatment can be indicated at times immediately following your procedure therefore it is important to ask your orthopedist when to begin.

Physiotherapy can help by

  • Decreasing your pain with manual treatments and therapeutic modalities according to your needs

  • Teaching you, or your loved ones, how to perform safe transfer techniques

  • Developing an individualized exercise program that will progress your strength and range of motion

  • Structuring a post-operative treatment plan that will help your rehabilitation process

  • Communicating with your support network (physician, nurses, etc.) to optimize your care plan

Surgeries treated

Rotator cuff repair

SLAP & Bankart repair

ACL repair

Achilles tendon repair

Lumbar fusion



Tendon repair or transfer