Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacements are performed to reduce pain and enhance the quality of life of those suffering from osteoarthritis. Physiotherapists play a large role in both the pre-operative and post-operative Stages.

Physiotherapy can help Before surgery by

  • Informing you about the surgery and the recovery process

  • Proving you with treatments to increase your strength and mobility reducing your recovery length

  • Educating you on the exercises you will be performing immediately after surgery

  • Evaluating your environment and providing recommendations for adaptive equipment and devices you may require following surgery

  • Advising you on the management of your pain

Physiotherapy can help after surgery by

  • Decreasing your pain with manual treatments and therapeutic modalities according to your needs

  • Teaching you, or your loved ones, how to perform safe transfer techniques

  • Developing an individualized exercise program that will progress your strength and range of motion

  • Structuring a post-operative treatment plan that will help your rehabilitation process

  • Communicating with your support network (physician, nurses, etc.) to optimize your care plan