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Fall prevention

It is estimated between 20-30% of seniors fall each year and falls remain the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations. It is important to know that falls are not a normal process of aging and up to 90% of falls are preventable. learn what physiotherapy can do for you. 

Physiotherapy can help by

  • Performing a detailed assessment of your strength, balance and mobility to identify your areas of weakness

  • Assessing other factors that could be contributing to falls and relaying this information to your support network (physician, optometrist, family members, etc.)

  • Assessing your need for mobility aids like a walker, cane or other device

  • Assessing your home environment for fall hazards and recommending changes to make

  • Developing a progressive exercise program to target your strength and balance deficits

  • Performing gait and balance training to improve your balance reactions and reduce your risk of falls