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Gait & Balance Training

Balance and gait dysfunctions are characterized by ones inability to maintain their center of gravity over their feet resulting in decreased stability, loss of balance and falls. this affects many individuals and can result from disease, injury or the natural aging process. balance and gait problems commonly lead to decreased participation in recreational activities, decreased independence, and increased falls during day to day activities. The solution to your balance and gait dysfunction depends on the source and cause of the loss of balance. This is why it is may be a good idea to consult your doctor first if you are experiencing a major change in your balance or gait. Your doctor may recommend further diagnostic testing, medications, specific activities and/or physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy can help by

  • Performing gait training to improve your ability to walk and evaluate your need for an assistive device

  • Performing balance training to improve your awareness of joint position, balance reactions, and compensatory strategies

  • Evaluating your strength and prescribing exercises to target your areas of weakness and increase your stability

  • Evaluating your balance and identifying areas of weakness in order to develop an exercise program

  • Improving your flexibility with specific exercises in gain optimal mobility and stability in joints critical to maintaining your balance